Creating a Custom Softie

Let’s get them to draw! This is a great way to encourage creativity and have a wonderful lasting memory capturing your child’s imagination. It makes a very special gift to treasure for years to come.

I receive drawings from children, teens and adults from all over the world and I make soft toys from them. On this blog I share with you some of the drawings I’ve brought to life. 

If you are interested in ordering please click on FAQ’s and/or  Order above to read more about how to send in a drawing.  For any questions or comments my email      ♥♥♥♥

Spring Projects

Happy to be back sharing some more projects I’ve been working on. I’ve also been very lucky to receive some more appreciation photos. I love it !  To see more, check out my fan page. I put together some of the wonderful pictures and emails that have been sent to me over time : . Its a wonderful reminder of why I love doing this so much.

Ice Fairy Collage

(Above) Fairy Ice Princess by Molly from San Jose, CA

UNCLE Collage

Uncle dolls made for triplet grandkids. Drawing sent by Dennis from San Francisco, California.

bunny doodle

I’ve been working a lot with faux fur lately. Only down side is the mess it makes, it took me a while to get all the fur out of my work station. It’s worth it though,  the fur gives a special cuddly quality to these creatures, I think.

Big Foot FB

Can you believe a 12 year old created this digital big foot drawing above. His very proud mom sent me this drawing to make into a softie for his birthday. Hopefully he loved it and it will encourage him to continue on creating some awesome art work.


Another request for boyfriend and girlfriend dolls. Its always so much fun making these types of dolls. This one was sent to me by Calvin from California. He wanted something special to give his girlfriend on her birthday. With the help of his artist friend he sent me a sketch and some pictures to put together and make these adorable mini versions of him and his girlfriend. I sent Calvin some pictures and updates of the dolls until we got them to look exactly the way he wanted.




March 2014 Orders

As always I am so proud to share some more finished projects.  These are dolls I worked on for the month of March 2014 !  Each of these dolls is a custom order for a big brother, nieces and triplet grandkids. There’s a lot of love from the people who requested these dolls, no doubt they wanted something different and special to give as a gift to the kids in their life.

Bear drawing- Bear drawing by Remy age 2 from Canada


- Abstract drawing by 3 year old Romea from Florida

princess drawing- Pink hair princess by 5 year old Prima from Florida

uncle dollsUncle dolls made for triplet grandkids !


I juggle many things all at once and I always feel like there’s never enough time in a day. I’ve been working on this project for a while now and it is finally complete! I am so happy with the way it came out. This soft doll was made from drawing of a character known as IO, made by amazing, artist/ photographer Deniz Kabuloglu .  I feel very honored to have been asked to work on this amazing art work and bring IO to life.

Here are some pictures I took as I worked sewing and putting IO together.  Forgive the photo quality, I took these pictures late at night. Plus, I am also still working on improving my photography skills as you can see.

I always start off by creating a pattern and making sure I match the size and dimensions as much as possible to what I see in the drawing. The hardest part was trying to match the colors, sort of brush strokes in the fabric. I tried several ideas but I finally got the right colors by using fabric paint.

Steps in creating IO

Steps in creating IO


I received this picture included in an email from Deniz. Very happy and thankful with the way IO came out.

I received this picture included in an email from Deniz. Very happy and thankful with the way IO came out.

Happy Holidays !

It feels like its been a while since I last added a new post. Here are some November/ December dolls I worked on. I am soo relieved my last batch of orders went out last week, just in time for Christmas! It’s going to be nice relaxing with family and taking a small break from my softie making.

redblog“RED” by Jake, age 5

Derpy monster blog“Derpy the Monster” by Atticus, age 8


“Guy with tie dye pant holding bows & arrows” by Sammy, age 8

stick figure blogSelf portrait, by Cooper, age 3.    Very loving, sweet story of strength and courage:

boysroolblogDrawing from a little anonymous BB player fan.

julianblogJulian’s mini me doll



Cuddly Art

I can’t believe it’s already fall, my favorite season!  After a very hot summer, its nice to start getting some cool weather in California for a change.

(Below) One of the first drawings I received when I started making these dolls last year was from little Ella. Her Dad sent me one of her drawings to make into a soft doll. This was a special Mothers Day gift for Ella’s mom.  A year later I received two more drawings made by Ella. The beaver was a birthday gift and the doll with blond curls was a Mother’s Day gift for her mom.

I like to think as time goes on, the more I make these cuddly dolls the better they get.



Every now and then I will get a grown up drawing request to turn into a soft doll. I enjoy working on these too. The drawing below is Paul Bear and Pumpkin. Paul sent me this drawing him and his girl friend made. Like most couples who are very in love, they have cute nick names for one another. So, he thought it would make a nice gift to have these made.


Working with more kid’s art

I love talking about and sharing with you these fun kid drawings I make into cuddly and lovable soft dolls. There’s a lot of sewing work involved but its always a great feeling to see the final outcome. Here are some more drawings brought to life.

Ben's drawing

(Pic Above) This is a drawing by Ben. I have to admit I almost had second thoughts creating a softie from this drawing. This silly creature had soo much detail and took a long time to finish! It also reminds me a bit of the octopus fairy I worked on in December . Who knows how these kids come up with these creatures.  In the end I loved the way it came out, this one goes down as one of my all time favorites.


(Pic Above) The teachers at Bridgeport Elementary School in Ohio created this drawing of a student by passing it around and adding a feature. Its sorta a student rep. He carries a lot of school pride and looks like a good kid !

pencil hairblog This is a drawing of a little girl with pencil shaving used as hair. Is that creative or what ?  This doll is going to be a special birthday gift this July 3rd for the little girl who made the drawing.

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The Month of May

May has been another busy but fun month for me. I celebrated a wonderful Mother’s Day with my family. I love being a mom its a tuff but fun job. Everything I do these days is inspired by my kids Anne and Jojo whom I adore.

my kids

I worked on some fun projects these weeks too. Here are more softies made from these adorable drawings by incredible kids. The first one is a colorful goldfish that made a cute mother’s day gift for a special mom. The second drawing is “Morgan Wolfie”, this one took me a bit longer than expected but I love the way it came out. Last is a little sweet pumpkin girl, that one was a special gift from Le Petit Creations for Melissa.

Mother's Day fish

wolf drawing



April has been a difficult month for me but I am getting through it. I just recovered from the flu and now I am catching up on all my projects. Here is one I had a hard time letting go of.

This little doll with button eyes was made from a drawing by Janice’s granddaughter and is called “Sweetie”. That is also Janice’s nick name for her little granddaughter. This is going to be a birthday surprise from her granny.
sweetie doll

Saber Tooth

Susanne’s son sent her the link to my blog, he wanted to get a softie made for his godchild. His godchild could not decide on which drawing he wanted made into a soft toy. Susanne loved the idea and thought it would be a wonderful idea to send her son’s drawing instead. Susanne’s son is now a 21-year-old but he painted this saber tooth when he was 6 or 7 years old and it was a favorite.  This is also one of my all time favorites. I am very proud of the way it came out. Tomorrow this cuddly saber tooth is off to Germany were it will be a special gift!


Kid Drawings

Here are some more soft dolls made from kids drawings. These were made for a three awesome grandkids!



cool kid

Ash & Tobey




turttle soft doll