Cuddly October Friends

I am so grateful to have returning customers. I am excited to share with you these two different soft dolls custom-made for two special little girls. This completes my October projects!

Paola’s Wow Puppy !

(photo below) Sweet little 8-year-old Paola made this drawing of a puppy! Her auntie sent me her drawing to make into this adorable plush puppy just for her. The tittle on the drawing was cut off, but it reads “Wow Puppy”.  It looks soo cuddly and adorable !  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

* Riley *

(photo below) When I first saw this drawing made by 2-year-old Riley, I wasnt very sure what to make of it. Hmm… maybe a butterfly, a fish, a little cloud with a crown or a fairy friend? It is very Picasso-esque, little Riley is a deep thinker. It came out great in the end. I think its going to make a very nice Christmas gift from her grandma.


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