Beautiful Smiles

This week I received these pictures from the grandmother of these two adorable little ladies.

The first picture below is Yenny with her soft doll. I first created a soft doll from her drawing back in May 2012

Yenny loved the doll and took it with her everywhere. On a family trip to the Coast it was accidentally lost. Her grandmother contacted me and asked if I could make her another one from the same drawing. My list was pretty full for December and I was afraid I would not finish it in time for Christmas. I also wasn’t sure I could match the fabrics exactly and capture everything the first one had. Luckily it all worked out in the end. I am so happy I could make this soft doll again and put a smile on this sweet little girl’s face. So here is a picture of the Yenny doll “little girl in pink” and she is still holding Yenny’s heart very tight.

Yenny and doll

The picture below is 2-year-old little Riley with her soft doll. Isn’t she such a cutie pie?  Her softie doll was also a Christmas gift from her Granny.

rilley softie



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