Working with more kid’s art

I love talking about and sharing with you these fun kid drawings I make into cuddly and lovable soft dolls. There’s a lot of sewing work involved but its always a great feeling to see the final outcome. Here are some more drawings brought to life.

Ben's drawing

(Pic Above) This is a drawing by Ben. I have to admit I almost had second thoughts creating a softie from this drawing. This silly creature had soo much detail and took a long time to finish! It also reminds me a bit of the octopus fairy I worked on in December . Who knows how these kids come up with these creatures.  In the end I loved the way it came out, this one goes down as one of my all time favorites.


(Pic Above) The teachers at Bridgeport Elementary School in Ohio created this drawing of a student by passing it around and adding a feature. Its sorta a student rep. He carries a lot of school pride and looks like a good kid !

pencil hairblog This is a drawing of a little girl with pencil shaving used as hair. Is that creative or what ?  This doll is going to be a special birthday gift this July 3rd for the little girl who made the drawing.

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