Spring Projects

Happy to be back sharing some more projects I’ve been working on. I’ve also been very lucky to receive some more appreciation photos. I love it !  To see more, check out my fan page. I put together some of the wonderful pictures and emails that have been sent to me over time : https://lepetitcreations1.com/fan-page/ . Its a wonderful reminder of why I love doing this so much.

Ice Fairy Collage

(Above) Fairy Ice Princess by Molly from San Jose, CA

UNCLE Collage

Uncle dolls made for triplet grandkids. Drawing sent by Dennis from San Francisco, California.

bunny doodle

I’ve been working a lot with faux fur lately. Only down side is the mess it makes, it took me a while to get all the fur out of my work station. It’s worth it though,  the fur gives a special cuddly quality to these creatures, I think.

Big Foot FB

Can you believe a 12 year old created this digital big foot drawing above. His very proud mom sent me this drawing to make into a softie for his birthday. Hopefully he loved it and it will encourage him to continue on creating some awesome art work.


Another request for boyfriend and girlfriend dolls. Its always so much fun making these types of dolls. This one was sent to me by Calvin from California. He wanted something special to give his girlfriend on her birthday. With the help of his artist friend he sent me a sketch and some pictures to put together and make these adorable mini versions of him and his girlfriend. I sent Calvin some pictures and updates of the dolls until we got them to look exactly the way he wanted.





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