Always Inspired by Art

Working with kids artwork has reminded me how much I not only enjoy making soft toys, but also how much I love to draw. Hopefully this year I can find a way to include my art in some of the future projects I have in mind for my website and Etsy store.

It has been years since I returned to this hobby. I have memories growing up always surrounded by art supplies and books. My art/craftiness also comes from being surrounded by older cousins who enjoyed hand making all sorts of things from knitting to candle making. I looked up to them and was always amazed at all the things that can be crafted from almost nothing.

This past year was not a good one for me. A break from the stress and ups and downs of life are my family and art.  My kids inspire playful images, beauty and love .

 My goal for this new year is to continue to evolve my illustrating and sewing skills. So many things I want to accomplish and never enough time. Ever feel that way?

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