I live in Southern California with my family.  My two adorable kids are the best thing in my life along with my hubby who puts up with all my softie making materials around our home.  I can remember at a very young age loving art and creating things. I  also grew up watching and learning from my mother and older cousins embroidery, sewing,  and knitting. Hand making  things was something I learned to love and cherish growing up.

I  find beautiful meaning behind my kids’ art and everything they do. As a parent I can understand how important it is to encourage and want capture these moments of creativity. That is how began making these stuffed toys from drawings.

I have been sent the most adorable drawings along with the sweetest stories from my customers.  Each drawing is so different and special. I love getting creative with the materials I use and making my customers happy with the finished result.

I try to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the custom soft toys I create on my blog under FAQs and Order, but if I miss anything you are wondering about please email me at : Lepetitcreations@gmail.com , emails are checked on a daily basis.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. We are interested in ordering an item. The pdf scan of the drawing does not reflect the true colors on the original. Is there a mailing address so we can mail a note card made from the original drawing that shows the true colors?

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