I am very lucky and blessed to have the most amazing customers. It is such great joy to receive these appreciation pictures and emails. I thought it would be nice to share with you on this page some of the pictures and emails I have received over time. This is honestly a lovely reminder for me of why I love making these soft toys. ♥


I thought I would send a picture of the artist and the recipient of the soft toy you created. Both ladies were thrilled with the doll. My mother-in-law carried it with her everywhere through the house yesterday after she opened the box. You would think she were the child with a beloved new toy, but she is a sweet octogenarian with dementia instead.

Thank you for creating such a sweet doll from my daughter’s simple artwork of her grandmother. It is a keepsake we all will treasure for years to come.
– Jennifer Cloonan


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We got the doll today and it was a hit!! Thank you again, it looks awesome!

– Molly Sliwa


We loved it! Everyone in the office was playing with BIll when he arrived. Thank you so much for bringing him to life!

Schichen @ URJANET


You sure are going to heaven back where you came from because look at the happiness you brought to my daughter reunited with her own self creation. And you make one happy father seen her smile in contentment

– Agustin Palacios


The happy birthday girl!

– Camille S.



Thank you so much for this absolutely gorgeous softie. She was definitely worth the wait!!!  Ayla loves it and so do we.  Looking forward to you creating another one for her in the future.

Take Care,
Deana Orta


Hi !Just wanted to let you know that it arrived today. Ian said “I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!”

– Jeff Cushing


 Bigfoot arrived and my son absolutely loves him. He is so great – such great work you do.

– Ashley Young


She loves it! Thank you very much! The quality and details really show you cared about the project! Great work!

– Michael Prather


He loved it!! Thank you so much!

– Cheri Stephen


I thought you might like to see the pure joy in my daughter’s face when she opened her doll. She was ecstatic. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. 

– Tiffanie Denny

photo of Molly

Thank you again for this ENORMOUS job. Molly just opened it, and you can see the joy on her face.
– Wendy

Dennis's Grandkids

Daniel and Caroline made  their Uncle play with the dolls.
They recognized him as soon as they unwrapped the dolls.
Thank you for all the good work. 

– Dennis Kelly

Ash with doll

I received the softie dolls yesterday and gave them to my grandkids yesterday evening.  I started by showing them their drawings and asked if they remembered it.  Of course they each said “yes” rather nonchalantly.  Then I pulled their softie out of my bag.  I wish I had a picture of the looks on their faces . . . totally stunned.  They loved them and all remarked that they looked exactly like their pictures.  Here is a picture my daughter sent me of my grandson with his.

Thank you, thank you!

– JoAnn Piehl

soft doll hug

Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much Cooper loves his doll. He told me “I can sleep with it in my bed and I won’t be scared anymore!” Thank you again!

– Nicki Bunting

Thank you picture

We just received the softy you made for Melissa and she is so happy with it. She was not expecting it at all. That was great! Thank you so much for doing this for her. This was a wonderful surprise! 🙂  

-Marcia Booth

Melissa with dolls

They got here on Friday. It was a big hit! She loved them 🙂  – Marcia Booth

Skyler and her Bday doll

Skyler won’t let go of the doll. She loves it!

– Bob Anderson

Yenny and doll

rilley softie

 Here is a picture of Yenny and Riley with their softies, they loved it as you can see. 

– Brenda Gray


I wanted to follow-up with you as we just gave Magumba to my father last weekend! Above is the hilarious video of his reaction and I’ve attached a photo. He was BEYOND touched! He is just loving his new doll and I could not be more grateful to you!
Happy Holidays, 
-Amanda Sheckman
My granddaughter loves her Cheetah. Thank you for making it. – Merna Summers
Bethany receiving custom doll
 I wanted you to know how much my daughter, Bethany, loves her fairy doll that you made from her drawing.  When she opened the gift, she smiled and thought the doll was very sweet, but when she saw her drawing enclosed inside the gift bag, too, her jaw dropped and her eyes got big as she looked back and forth at the doll and her drawing and then realized that the doll was created from her drawing.  Her reaction was priceless!  She told me it was the best gift she could receive – a doll created from her design.  I have attached a photo collage/montage that chronicles her reaction that I just explained.   
Thank you again for helping to make my daughter’s drawing “come to life” and helping us to give her a special gift.  You are one talented crafter and I am so happy I found you online! 
– Barbara West
Emilie with her custom soft doll
Hello, we’ve received your “unbelievebable” doll, yesterday ! My daughter was so happy ! Thank you very much ! You did a wonderful job !
– Rachel Belalene
Trigger Monster made it and made Talan’s day! Thanks again!! 
– Brooke Turney

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